Company Profile

Camay Infants Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976.  Today, the company is one of the most established and reputable manufacturer of infant care products in Taiwan with a worldwide customer base.  

Our Philosophy

Simply put, we make safe and high quality products at affordable prices!  We believe in providing the best infant and toddler care products for new families and their precious little ones.  We make our products with the finest materials available to show our commitment to our customers.

Our Expertise

We manufacture a suite of product lines for baby's meal and bedtime needs. After all, 'eat well, sleep well' do makeup two of the most important parts in the day for our little ones.   

Our products are available under either our own registered trademarks (i.e. Ai-Non Baby, Pengo), or licensed characters, such as Hello Kitty Sanrio.  In the past, we had also partnered with Disney as an exclusive licensee to use the Mickey Mouse character on some of our  product lines.   Today, we have four product brands available for you to choose from.

Furthermore we provide OEM resources to assist companies in needs of additional manufacturing production, either on a continuous or temporarily basis.  We welcome your inquiry!

Our Import/Export Markets

Our products are sold in every corner of the world - in China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United States, Chile, just to name a few countries.  We believe in providing quality control and the best customer service in doing import/export business with our partners!  Contact Us for more information.

Our Awards

We have received a number of prestigious awards for quality excellence.  These awards included the Gold Quality Award, Best Manufacturer Award, as presented by the various Commerce and Consumer organizations in Taiwan.


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