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Bedding Accessories  


Cover your baby in an extra layer of love, warm and comfy!


  Description: Comforter
  Material: T/C
  Item No: AN-921

 Receiving Blanket

Wrap your baby in a warm and cuddly blanket!  Material is soft and absorbent with finished edges to prevent fraying.  Colorfast.   

 Description: Flannel Receiving Blankets - 3 Pack
 Material: 100% Cotton, 73.7cm x 73.7cm (29in x 29in) 
 Item No: AN-926

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Take extra care of your baby's head.  Ai-Non Baby pillows are soft and comfy, made with breathable stuffing material that is ideal for all seasons.


  Description: Pillow
  Material: 100% Cotton, 24cm x 34cm
  Item No: AN-987


A special design to secure baby's head positioning on the pillow!  Available in blue or pink color.
  Description: Pillow
  Material: 19cm x 30cm
  Item No: AN-963
Description: Pillow
Material: n/a
Item No: AN-986

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 Sleep 'n Safe

This product secures your baby in a side sleeping posture for added safety.  The pads are adjustable in width to give your baby a snuggle-fit.
  Description: Sleep 'n Safe
  Item No: AN-976

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