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 Bottle & Nipple Brush

Ai-Non Baby brushes are made with soft durable nylon bristles to sweep away residues easily.  The brushes are designed to easily clean all types of feeding bottles and  nipples.


  Description: Bottle & Nipple  Brush
  Feature: 360 Rotary 
  Item No: AN-148
Description: Bottle & Nipple Brush
Item No: AN-147
 Description: Nipple 
  Item No: AN-149

 Baby Powder Container

Applying baby powder after bath keeps baby's skin dry and rash-free, especially essential during hot sweaty summer.  This product helps parent to contain and apply the powder without making a mess!  
  Description: Powder Puff Case
  Material: Puff 75% acrylic; 25% polyester
  Item No: AN-505
 Description: Powder Puff Case
 Item No: AN-501, AN-506

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 Tooth Brush

Ai-Non Baby fingertip tooth brush is extra soft for young gums, providing your baby with a comfortable start towards good oral hygiene.  


Can be sterilized in hot boiling water without damage.
  Description: Tooth Brush
  Material: Silicone
  Item No: AN-520

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