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Baby's teething period usually begins sometime between six and nine months.   Baby bites on teether  to lessen the itch and discomfort of teeth growing.  

Ai-Non Baby Teether helps baby exercise gum, grow beautiful and healthy teeth.  

Made of highest quality Silicone rubber with a smooth soothing surface.  It's clear, non-toxic, safe and durable for your baby's use!

  Description: Baby Teether
  Material: Silicone
  Item No: AN-560

 Cotton Bubs

Keeping your baby's ears clean and dry is an essential step for preventing ear infections. 


  Description: Cotton Bubs
  Item No: AN-510
Description: Cotton Buds
Volume: 3 Pack or single
Item No: AN-3513 (top), AN-511 (bottom) 

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 Baby Carrier

Ai-Non Baby Carrier provides parents with an effortless way of carrying their baby close to them, either in the front or back. 


Come with easy-fit harness, comfortable baby head support, adjustable seat height.  Added shoulder padding for mommy's comfort!
  Description: Baby Carrier
  Material: T/C
  Item No: AN-242

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 Pacifier Holder

Pacifier holder keeps pacifier clean, safe and within easy reach.   See Pacifier


Holder easily clips to baby's clothes with adjustable length.  Available in different designs.  Holder is durable, non-toxic, fit all pacifiers. 


  Description: Pacifier Clip Holder
  Material: Polypropylene
  Item No: AN-537



Description: Pacifier w/Safety Pin Holder
Material: Silicone, Polypropylene
Item No: AN-192


Description: Pacifier w/Clip Holder
 Material: Silicone, Polypropylene
 Item No: AN-128 

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