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Ai-Non Baby Nipple is designed with a cross-cut hole to provide smooth liquid flow.  Made with high-quality Silicone rubber, the nipple fits all standard reusable bottles from Japan, Europe and the United States. 
  Description: Nipples - 6 Pack+Brush!
  Material: Silicone
  Item No: AN-122
Description: Nipples - 3 Pack
Material: Silicone
Item No: AN-1223
Description: Nipple
Material: Silicone
Item No: AN-120

 Self-Feeding Bottle Straw

Ai-Non Baby Self-feeding Bottle Straw allows baby to drink comfortably in an upright position, while reducing air in the nipple and flow of liquid to the middle ear.  The tube, made of Silicone,  is designed to ensure smooth flow of liquid.  A cleaning stick is included to clear any food build-up inside the tube.   A stainless ball is attached to one end to hold down the weight, while the other end is a PC plastic plate to hold the straw in the feeding bottle.


Recommended by Pediatricians!  Fit all standard bottles.
 Description: Self-feeding bottle straw
 Volume: for 240ml bottles
 Material: Polycarbonate, Silicone, 
     Stainless steel 
 Item No: AN-114
Description: Self-feeding bottle straw
Volume: for 120ml bottles
Material: Polycarbonate, Silicone, Stainless steel 
Item No: AN-115

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 Breast Pump

This product is easy to use, and offer mother a safe hygienic way of pumping milk.  Portable and convenient!


  Description: Breast Pump & Infant Nurser
  Material: PC (polycarbonate)
  Item No: AN-116

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Ai-Non Baby Pacifier encourages healthy oral development, while satisfying natural sucking desire.  Provides great comfort to baby!  See Pacifier Holder
  Description: Orthodontic Pacifier
  Material: Silicone
  Item No: AN-129
Description: Pacifier
Material: Silicone
Item No: AN-191

Description: Pacifier - 2 Pack
Material: Silicone
Item No: AN-2129

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