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Textile Accessories 

 Towel & Wash Cloth


  Description: Bath Towel
  Material: 100% cotton, gauze weave
  Item No: AN-254
Description: Wash Cloth
Material: 100% cotton, gauze weave
Item No: AN-255


These products are comfy to wear and easy to change.
  Description: Underwear
  Material: 100% cotton, gauze weave
  Item No: AN-256
Description: Underwear
Material: 100% cotton, gauze weave
Item No: AN-300

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Baby Mitts

  Baby Mitts protect infants from scratching themselves, like during baths.  
Ideal for 0-4 month old infants.
 Description: Baby Mitts
 Material: 100% cotton
 Item No: AN-201

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 Diaper & Changing Pad

Cloth diaper is washable, reusable, and friendly to our environment!   Ai-Non Baby Diaper is soft, quick-drying, and absorbent.  Perfect for your baby's delicate young skin.  Changing pad protects baby from hard and unsanitary surfaces.

Multi-purpose! Can also be used as wash cloth.


Waterproof!  Change   anywhere! 
Soft and washable. 

  Description: Cloth Diaper
  Material: 100% Cotton
  Item No: AN-230

  Description: Changing Pad
  Material: 100% Cotton with vinyl backing
  Item No: AN-235

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